Have More Time For the Important Things in Life in 3 Basic Steps

If you want to have more time to spend with your loved ones, then by the end of this page you’ll have three basic steps to start working towards that; safely, gradually and starting today.

In our busy world it just doesn’t seem viable to take time off without suffering some financial side effects. Of course, you can take extended breaks from work – even a year off – but that is just a short term fix and then it’s back to the treadmill…….

………until you can afford to save up and do it again!

To have more time on an ongoing basis the longer term solution requires a few shifts in the way you work to provide stability and resources. At the most basic level they can be defined in 3 steps:

1. Take Control of Your Earning Potential

The concept of having only a limited number of hours to earn a certain amount of money is a ceiling you can break through right now. Most conventional jobs restrict the amount you can earn. If you work on a commission or performance basis you have some control over breaking through earning barriers, but if you don’t then you’re stuck with waiting for a raise or switching jobs.

“Most conventional jobs put a ceiling on the amount you can earn”

Other than wanting to have more time, a great reason for starting your own business and/or creating your own wealth through investing can be summed up in a quote from Robert Kiyosaki when he says:

“I don’t want someone telling me how much I can earn”

And you can take control over your earning potential while keeping the day job and investing some time, effort and resources into building something up on the side that can one day remove the need to work 9-5.

The education, support and resources you need to get you started are available to remove the earning limits of your job. These limits prevent you from climbing your own career ladder. You can even start right now by downloading the two free reports that are included with my free wealth consultation.

2. Choose WHEN You Work

When your income is derived from your own business and/or investments rather than working for someone else, then you are the boss and you get to work (or not) when you want.

If you do your best work in the middle of the night and don’t like early mornings….

……then that’s no problem.

There’s no boss basing your salary review on punctuality or a willingness to put in extra (unpaid) hours.

To quote Robert Kiyosaki again:

“I don’t want someone telling me when I have to get in to work, when I can go home, what time I can take lunch..”

Read what he has to say in the free report he co-authored with Donald Trump on wealth building. Click here to download it now.

3. Choose WHERE You Work

When you have control of how much you can earn, when you work (or don’t) and run your business from home, then “the office” can be pretty much anywhere. With computers and the internet it’s possible to run your business from anywhere you can get online.

Imagine only having to work a couple of hours each day. This involves connecting your laptop to a wireless hotspot somewhere while you’re travelling the world looking for new investment properties in idyllic holiday locations.

Compare that to having to ask for an hour off next Tuesday morning to wait in for the plumber…

What Now?

What you’ve just read are three basic foundations to changing the way you provide for yourself and your loved ones. The information, education and resources are more available than ever to enable you to take control of your life.

Do you want to do something right now to take that control away from your employers and remove the limits your job is restricting you

Click here to sign up for a free no-obligation consultation today, download and read the reports by Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Paul Zane Pilzer to start your journey.

A better life is right there for the taking where you can make more money, have more freedom and have more time. 

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