How Can These 4 Magic Words Help You Earn Extra Income, Keep Your Job AND Have Time Left Over?

To earn extra income a lot of people will look for a second job. While this will achieve that objective to an extent there are some smarter ways to do it.

The operative word here is – smart – it’s also magic word number 1

Working hard is a surefire way to earn money but working smart is the key to earn extra income from the same amount of time and effort – sometimes even less. If you work really smart then the effort you put in will pay you not only once but over and over again – passive and long term residual income. Now that’s leverage!

The four magic words are:


So let’s go over each one in a bit more detail……

Smart – working smart is different to working hard. Working smart is the process of getting more done in the same amount of time or less by increasing the efficiency of what you do. Achieving more output from the same amount or less input is the result of working smarter.

Do you think if you learnt to work smarter then you’d add more value (and become worth more) to your business or employers?

Passive – passive income is one of the greatest wonders of business and investing.

For instance:


Income from investment property – once in place you don’t have to do anything to receive the income- it continues to be generated.


Interest and dividends on shares, bonds and savings are passive – the money works on its own to produce more without you having to do anything.


Websites and other online ventures that generate traffic and sales without you having to deal with people face to face – once in place it’s residual.


A successful franchising business, with a growing team that will generate commissions for you and for themselves as it develops. Once in place and ongoing, the income is residual.


A business that runs efficiently with or without your input but generates income for you.

Passive income systems take time, effort and money to set up but are fantastic investments if you want to make a living without having to trade time for money

Residual – Residual income like passive income is recurring. The distinction to make here is:

You do the work once and it pays you over and over and over – this is the complete opposite to trading time for money.

Leverage – leverage is the act of getting the most out of the effort and input you put into something. Some examples are:

Mankind’s invention of the wheel to travel and transport with much less effort for much greater results.


Sailing on water by leveraging the natural energy of the wind to transport a boat


Leveraging other people’s money to purchase a house you would not otherwise afford.


Leveraging the time and effort of employees to run and grow your business while you do other things.

How to Apply the 4 magic Words Today

So how do you apply these 4 magic words to your life to earn extra income and build a better future?

There are a number of ways, you can learn to work smarter for your business or employer and become more productive and valuable.

You can learn about time management and productivity to get more done in less time. This means in your own time you can be more effective and……

……. learn to build passive and residual income streams that make you money without having to expend time or effort or finances.

You can leverage other people’s time, effort and money by building a business and investing in assets that generate a profit after repayments and interest.

You can do all of the above if you are willing to learn and invest some time and effort.

If this is of interest you can see how some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs have harnessed these 4 magic words to build incredible wealth, jobs and abundance. Register for my free no-obligation consultation and read what Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Paul Zane Pilzer have to say.

You can work smart to get paid more at work, create passive residual income streams and go on to benefit from leveraging other people’s money, time and effort.  The information you need to earn extra income starts here.