Rest and fully recharge

A proper amount of time spent in deep sleep is crucial for everyone however, when people feel tired during the day, it’s normally assumed that they didn’t get enough sleep, not that they could or should improve the quality of their sleep. When you sleep really deeply, your brain starts to recharge. Your learning and memory are enhanced. And when you spend enough time in the deepest stages of sleep, your muscular coordination and immune systems also benefit.

The result of years of extensive research by medical professionals, engineers and scientists, the Nikken Naturest® Sleep Solution features three unique and complementary products – a pad, quilt and pillow. Most people buy a mattress based on comfort (an absence of pressurepoints) and firmness. Quilts are chosen for insulation value and weight. Pillows are a whole art of their own!

However, there are many factors involved in optimal sleep, and the Nikken Sleep System is designed as a complete sleep environment taking into account comfort, support, thermal environment, moisture, ventilation, stimulation, hygiene, and energetic environment. Each component offers outstanding performance in its own right, but they combine to give you all the benefits of the most advanced sleep technology on the market today, in a specially designed, adaptive sleep environment. As an adaptive technology, each person will experience an environment adapted to them – even if their partner experiences a different adaptation.

With the Naturest Sleep Solution you wake up feeling fully rested, invigorated and ready for the new day.


Nikken Naturest® Kenkopad®

Wouldn’t you like to transform your regular mattress into the perfect sleep environment? Then simply place the Naturest Kenkopad on top. Made from blended latex foam, the pad includes unique moulded, gradient-density nodules to give exactly the right mix of firmness and yield, providing a gentle massage-like stimulation that makes your body more receptive to relaxation. So you can rest and recharge completely.

• Latex is naturally resistant to microbial growth and dust mites.
• It holds its shape and firmness for better comfort and durable support.
• Latex also wicks away moisture and promotes improved ventilation.

The Naturest Kenkopad cover continues the natural theme, woven in a blend of all-natural, fully renewable fibres, produced without chemical pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. This fabric promotes breathability for natural regulation of temperature, and resists mildew. Finally, sophisticated RAM™ (Radial Axis Magnetism) Technology modules complete this unique sleep environment, providing balance and relaxation for the important muscles and energy points of the body.

KenkoDream® Quilt

A perfect balance of comfort for all climates, the KenkoDream Quilt helps towards a relaxing, refreshing sleep. Revolutionary technology and the finest materials are part of Nikken’s philosophy for improved sleep quality. The KenkoDream Quilt features Far-Infrared Technology and Negative Ion Technology, along with natural antibacterial materials and a breathable cotton cover. A magnetic layer complements the magnets in your Nikken Naturest Kenkopad to create a naturally soothing environment for optimal, sound sleep.

Nikken Naturest® Pillow

The exceptional features you find in the Nikken Naturest KenkoPad® are duplicated in the Nikken Naturest Pillow — and it adds more. You’ll find:

• RAM™ Technology, with the magnetic layer placed in the best position for
an ideal effect.
• A shredded-latex filler, with all the advantages of latex, including a natural resilience that prevents flatness — a common effect when sleeping on ordinary down-filled or foam pillows.
• Custom firmness control: subtract or replace the latex filler to achieve the desired degree of softness or support, for the personal perfect fit.
• An internal support collar to provide head and neck alignment. It is designed so that the sleeper can adjust the firmness and position, to achieve optimal support.
• The same natural-fibre cover as the Nikken Naturest KenkoPad, for a cool and comfortable surface.

Kenko PowerSleep™ Mask

Slip on the PowerSleep Mask and you’ll immediately notice how much more relaxed you feel.

This strategically engineered mask not only blocks out light to ensure restful sleep, but also features natural energy technologies, including negative ion-generating minerals and ceramic fibres, which first absorb then reflect energy as a calming warmth. In combination with the way Nikken’s unique DynaFlux® Technology intensifies and extends
the coverage of the magnetic flux, the PowerSleep Mask can help you improve your quality of sleep and rest at all times – even while travelling.