Nature’s Secret Gift For Skin.

True Elements™
Organic Skincare Range

The sea is the birthplace of life itself. And so naturally, it has been working on the perfect, natural skincare for countless years. Seaweed has been used for thousands of years for nutrition and skincare. It is naturally full of the trace elements, mineral salts and active ingredients that work in balance with our own biological systems. In fact, there’s a huge variety of seaweeds, all of which have developed their own treasure trove of natural yet powerful skincare ingredients, such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, glucides, and oligo elements. Working synergistically together, all these elements can offer remarkable benefits to the skin.

True Elements is an organic*, paraben-free, high-quality skincare range based on gently (and responsibly and sustainably) harvested seaweed – because when it comes to skincare that’s in perfect balance with our own delicate and complicated systems, nature has all the right answers.

Especially created to mositurise, revitalise, tone and firm your skin, each item found in our new range fulfills a specific task. Within each one, however, the benefits to the skin have been heightened by the careful selection of unique blends of red, brown and green seaweeds, rich in natural minerals. Delicately applied processes such as soft drying, micronisation, and concentration have also been utilised to extract the seaweed’s most active ingredients and preserve their properties in the
final product.

As an example of the thought that has gone into the creation of our range, the Fresh Tonic Lotion and Shower Gel both contain spray-dried seawater; being remarkably close in chemical structure to blood plasma, it allows your body to absorb the nutrients via osmosis.

Even the fragrance of our range is perfectly natural – so you know they’re naturally beneficial to the skin.