Rejuvenate and Relax

Find a better balance

As the world develops new knowledge and habits, we have a tendency to forget the core knowledge that has supported us in the past, such as eating healthy food, adhering to prudent farming practice, or understanding the value and importance of exercise. For thousands of years magnets have been used in many Eastern cultures, and they are still recognised today as having a beneficial effect on our wellbeing.

In recent decades we have also been adding an overload of man-made electromagnetic radiation to the earth’s background magnetic fields. Our mastery of metals and materials has led to the creation of metal boxes for transport and buildings for us to live and work in, all of which are effectively metal cages from a magnetic point of view. Moreover, the background magnetic field of the earth is also currently in decline, as part of the earth’s natural magnetic cycles.

Our naturally rejuvenating product technologies help to restore balance in your life and boost your sense of wellbeing by drawing on life’s natural energies, helping de-stress and restore balance to our bodies.



One of our consistently top-selling products, these insoles slip into your shoes and help relax your feet and legs through Nikken’s advanced Magnetic Technology, as well as giving you the option of reflexological stimulation, supporting your overall energy levels. They are ideal for people with any tendency towards tired feet or legs, or who may be on their feet for long periods. Simply place them in your shoes and enjoy the benefits throughout your normal daily routine. Easily cut with some sturdy scissors, choose the appropriate product code to match your shoe size and then trim carefully for a close fit inside your shoes.


Our KenkoStrides triple layer insoles deliver the same benefits as our popular KenkoInsoles, but provide extra cushioning, ventilation and temperature control for more active feet, incorporating both Magnetic and Far-Infrared technologies. With a rugged, ventilated, multi-layer construction, these soft and comfortable, yet highly durable, insoles are a bit thicker than the KenkoInsoles, but offer superior shock absorption for when your feet need it most. As with the KenkoInsoles, choose the appropriate product code to match your shoe size and then trim carefully for a close fit inside your shoes.


Relax Pads

Our Relax Pads are a great way to get all the advantages of Nikken’s re-energising and relaxing Magnetic and Far-Infrared Technologies where you need them most. Available in a range of sizes, they are
designed to fit perfectly against your skin, and are especially handy for those hard-toreach places. The largest, the Flex pad, can of course be used on many areas, but is particularly valuable for use on the back and is best used on the lower back – or even your front! – in conjunction with the KenkoTherm® Back Belt, which is designed with a special pocket in which the Kenko MagFlex™ will sit and be protected.
The MagFlex is the only back support to feature the most advanced magnetic technology in the world (and exclusive to Nikken), DynaFlux Magnetic Technology. This both provides aconsistent, dynamic field over its entire surface, and a deeper, more beneficial penetration ofthese natural energies. Added to this, Far-Infrared Technology releases absorbed energy as a gentle, soothing warmth, while incorporated natural minerals generate the negative ions found in calming environments.

KenkoSeat® King

One of Nikken’s key concepts is about finding ways in which people can immediately benefit from its powerful technologies without having to first change their habits and behaviours. Nikken’s KenkoSeat King brings all the benefits of the Magnetic and Far-Infrared Technologies to people while they are sitting. Whether this is at a desk (especially in front of a computer), when driving, or even when watching TV at home, the KenkoSeat King helps bring similar benefits to those found in the Naturest® Sleep Solution at night into supporting our activities and energies throughout the day.
Beneath the comfortable natural wool cover, Nikken’s Magnetic Technology, far-infrared ceramic-reflective material, and advanced foam shell all work to help you relax while also reinvigorating you – and all while you’re sitting comfortably too!