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The pressures of daily living — a busy schedule, the demands of work, inadequate family or personal time, not enough rest, environmental challenges — can lead to a life thrown out of balance, a disturbance of our natural equilibrium.
More than 30 years ago, Nikken founder Isamu Masuda recognized that wellness depends on recognizing and sustaining what he named the 5 Pillars of Health®
Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances.
A balanced approach to living strengthens each of these pillars, and results in a more satisfying, healthy and rewarding lifestyle. Nikken offers you the means to attain this balance, through Nikken products and the Nikken business opportunity.
A Healthier way of Living!
Nikken, a global research and development corporation, have a vision of making your home the healthiest place to be. Not only a place where you can recover and relax but a regenerative environment combating the stresses and strains of our daily lives.
We are passionate about our technologies because we have been experiencing the health benefits for ourselves for nearly 40 years.
Since 1975 Nikken has been developing a total wellness approach to living based on the Five Pillars of Health. It is our vision to offer a better quality of life for people across the globe.
This is an invitation to discover a whole new way of living – and live it every day!
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