A more natural light – in your home and office

Most organisms thrive under natural sunlight. But much of modern living is spent indoors during daylight hours. During the winter months in particular, we may receive only minimal exposure to the frequencies of light that are responsible for life on Earth and which science has shown can help support physical wellbeing and emotional health. What’s more, fluorescent light tubes and incandescent bulbs operate at frequencies that create a flickering effect. This flicker has been identified as causing a feeling of fatigue and eyestrain. In contrast to an incandescent or fluorescent light source, the LEDs that produce Nikken’s KenkoLight® illumination are based on a completely different technology, designed to eliminate flicker and glare and provide lighting in the entire spectrum of visible wavelengths, including those which correspond to natural visible solar energy. In addition to superior lighting characteristics, LEDs are much more energy efficient. The KenkoLight consumes less than 30% of the electrical power used to operate a single 40-watt incandescent bulb. And, unlike the sun, the KenkoLight produces no potentially harmful ultraviolet rays.


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Unlike the artificial light you normally have to suffer indoors, our KenkoLight is specially designed to provide you with the benefits of more natural illumination at any time of day or season of the year.
With its bias towards the blue-end of the spectrum that we generally experience outdoors, it can have many positive effects, including helping improve your mood, fighting fatigue and eyestrain, and, in the workplace, increasing productivity. A digital clock display and a timer can be set for morning wakeup, gradually increasing the brightness of the illumination to replicate sunrise or dawn. This can
promote a more natural waking and sleep cycle. If desired, it may be augmented by the built-in audible alarm. With the arm extended, the KenkoLight makes an ideal desk lamp, while closing the arm against the diffuser support transforms it into a mood or night light.


Head length 30 cm
Height 39.5 cm
Base length 17.5 cm
Base width 7.6 cm
1 kg


Brightness 340+ lumens (equivalent to 30 W incandescent)
Intensity 600 lux at 40 cm
Frequency 12,000 MHz maximum
Effective LED life 35,000 hours (60x longer life than incandescent light under
typical conditions)


Input 100-240 V
Output (adapter) 12 V, 1.5 A
Power consumption 12 W, maximum
Output (USB) USB 2.0 — 5 V, 500 mA