Your Environment and Your Health


 Looking after your body is understandably the most vital part of a balanced world. Having wealth is not much good without the health and time to enjoy it.

In today’s society it’s vital that you take as much control over your environment as you can. We have an increasingly polluted environment that is clouded with radio waves, electromagnetic interference, poor air, poor water, poor sleep and poor nutrition.

Improving your wellness through your environment is one way to help combat the ever increasing threat of sickness and disease.

….But you can take control of your immediate surroundings – your home.  You can make educated choices over the air you breathe, the water you drink, your food, sleep, rest and relaxation.



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Read Ted Aliosio’s Blood Never Lies (2) Chap 6, in which he discusses the research that Nikken have been following and the evidence surrounding it.

Ted Aloisio, author of “Blood Never Lies” is a certified nutritional microscopist and a noted lecturer and researcher. Considered to be one of the foremost authorities on live cell microscopy, Ted has a thriving practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is the founder of the Microscopy Referral Network (MRN) and the Director of Veritas Health Institute. The ISBN number of the book is 1-932560-94-7 and is available from Price £10.95



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