Back to Nature

Most of us would like to think that the air we’re breathing when we get home is better than the polluted air outside. In fact, since we spend 90% of our time indoors, the air pollution we find in our homes is considered a major environmental threat On the other hand, perhaps you’ve noticed that a walk through a forest or by a waterfall creates a soothing and relaxing feeling? The Japanese call this ‘shinrinyoku’, or ‘forest air breathing’. It’s a sensation created by the negative ions found in abundance in these kinds of natural settings.

And so our KenkoAir®, as well as filtering the air in your room, creates this soothing feeling by producing negative ions in a pioneering ozone-free process called Clean Ion Generation.

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KenkoAir® Purifier

You’ll feel so much better when you fill your home with air that’s as clean and pure as nature intended. The KenkoAir Purifier features ULPA (ultra-low particulate air-filter) technology, a breakthrough in air filtration that’s significantly more effective than a HEPA filter, the long-time standard for hospital operating rooms. Whereas HEPA filtration is rated at 99.97% efficiency on particle sizes as small as 0.3 microns, the KenkoAir’s advanced filtration technology removes 99.9995% of all dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and other airborne particles as small as 0.12 micron, yet covers an area of almost 30 square metres.

In addition the KenkoAir Purifier includes a deodorising filter as well as Clean Ion Generation, producing negative ions (without emitting harmful ozone) to create a refreshing, invigorating atmosphere. It’s also designed to be highly automated, with an automatic air-quality sensor.

Energy Consumption & Decibels

Turbo 45w 52dB.


Width 37.5 cm
Height 57.5 cm
Depth 25.5 cm
6.3 kg