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What is this about?

Nikken is an international company which has been focused for nearly 40 years on the concept of total wellness. Nikken technologies are well researched and are intended to help restore the balance of nature back into an increasingly polluted environment.  An environment that is clouded with electromagnetic interference, polluted air, chemically treated water, a lack of good sleep and inadequate nutrition.

To undertstand more about Nikken, the philosophy of vital wellness and the opportunities it may give you visit the Philosophy page

Whether you are simply interested in the products and research that Nikken have been working on for decades, or even better, that you would like to know how to join me and my team and make these products part of your additional future income, then a good first step is to book a free consultation with me.


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Already working in the health and wellbeing sector?

Nikken’s products and philosophy fit seamlessly alongside many business types such as fitness professionals, yoga teachers, reike practitioners, nutritional consultants and many more. Because the products are all aimed at restoring balance and wellbeing back into the homes and lives of people they can can be promoted alongside your existing business model without interfering with what you do. You could generate extra income with relative ease and offer more to your clients.


Or make this a new way to earn additional income

I’ve been in the business for many years now and not only am I healthier and more fulfilled than I have been for many years but I have formed a network of business partners with Nikken around the globe.

After 15 years my network now extends to more than 16 countries, around 2,500 partners generating 7 figure sums in commissionable income.


The business model is simple.  We market through people. It’s direct sales by building a network and it’s a great way to earn additional revenue for your healthier life ahead.If you are interested in finding out more about this business then get in touch.

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to get an insight into why Nikken have based decades of health research focusing on your personal environment and utilising natures intentions for maintaining our wellness.